Sports tours and group trips, for sports people, by sports people

Here at Great Central Sports and Leisure, we arrange Tours and Group Travel Breaks for travel in the UK and Ireland, for:

v  Sporting Clubs of all ages and abilities (mens, womens, junior, youth, veterans, semi-professional, amateur, Associations & bodies)

v  Schools, colleges and universities

v  Works team from corporate companies and business

v  Social groups, teams and institutions


We can cater and accommodate for group parties of ANY size who are looking for a Sports Tour of any description and for any period of time.

You may already have a few ideas on where your club, team, or group would like to go and what they want to do, however we can and are always willing to provide solutions and suggestions.

No matter where you intend to go in the UK or Ireland, if the need is there, we can provide sporting fixtures within close proximity of your Touring Base.

But you may not require sporting fixtures? Your party may just have finished an exhaustive schedule and now just want to get away from the playing side of things.

That’s why you may want to bear in mind that we can also provide alternative suggestions in addition to the physical side of touring. We can organise arrangements to visit a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities and local attractions within any region of the UK and Ireland.

Here’s a few ideas to consider:-

·         A Day at the Races

·         A Night at the Dogs

·         A trip to a local Brewery, Vineyard, or Distillery

·         A round of Golf

·         A day’s Fishing

·         Go-Karting

·         Quad Biking

·         Off-Road Driving

·         White Water Rafting

The options are endless. That’s why we specialise in establishing a Tour itinerary to suit all your requirements – no matter how large or small the demands you may wish to put upon yourself.

Why not put your plans and ideas in our hands, and see how Great Central Sports and Leisure can help you.

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